Granite Homes Realtor Program

We want our relationship with you to develop into one of mutual trust and friendly cooperation. Towards this end, please read and sign this letter so we may be sure you have been made aware of our policies which protect you.


Granite Homes (The Vendor) will provide prospect protection for cooperating realtors within the following guidelines:

1. Realtors or their associates, to receive protection, must: a) PERSONALLY ACCOMPANY the prospect to the Sales Centre. Phone calls or accompanying a prospect after their first visit will NOT qualify for protection. b) Leave a fully completed “Realtor Registration Form” with us for each prospect.

2. If after 60 days, no agreement of purchase and sale has been made between the prospect and the Vendor in the Community where registered, the prospect’s name, address and phone numbers will be made available to all of the Vendor’s sales personnel, who may attempt to sell the prospect a home in another Community. We cannot extend protection except at those Communities where you have personally accompanied and registered the prospect. Therefore, we strongly recommend you take the prospect to all Communities where there may be interest.

3. This document shall not be binding unless countersigned by the Vendor’s sales representative, registering realtor, or their associate and the prospect.

4. Sales commission will be 2% on the base price per home sold net of HST.

5. Commission to be paid at closing once the full payment is received from purchaser.

6. Any Discounts will be split evenly between the Realtor and the Vendor 50:50 i.e. if the Discount is $5,000 the commission will be reduced by $2,500.

7. Invoices should be emailed to [email protected] unless property was listed on MLS and then invoice should be sent directly to Listing Brokerage.

8. Invoice must be accompanied by the Signed Realtor Registration Form or it will not be paid.